The Fox Theatre Website

Web/ Photography

I was asked to take photos of a building of my choice, and highlight the architectural style in a website. I chose the The Fox Theatre in Redwood City, CA. 

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Pass The Torch


The Challenge

Large amounts of used, non-biodegradable sports equipment ends up in the landfill every year.

The Solution

Create a platform in which users can donate old or used equipment to people who may have a use for it. Users will be able to search through a gallery of used equipment that can be requested based on availability.

Launch Prototype

The Process

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Motion Graphic Music Video

Motion Graphics

Chris Regan: 0:00 – 0:30
Alex Johnson: 0:30 – 1:00
Juju Awhumad: 1:00 – 1:30

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50 Logos in 50 Days

Visual Design

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Career Test Intern Project

Product Design

During my internship at LiveCareer, I participated in an intern project that we would present to the company at the end of our internship.

We were asked to Optimize and Re-design their Career Test. With the help of five other team members from other departments, over about eight weeks, we were able to find new ways to reach our market, increase revenue as well as do an entire Product Re-design.

Product Design: Alex Johnson
Product Manager: Andy Lau
Product Strategy: Faseeh Akhter
SEO: Clara Chang
Marketing: Nicole Danik
Economics: Harrison Douglass

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