Scout Goggle Wayfinder

View mountain resorts through a different lens

The Challenge

Skiers and snowboarders have trouble navigating large mountain resorts.

The Solution

Create a mountain navigation system that displays in the lens of a goggle. This will allow mountain riders to navigate the resort lifts with ease.

Navigate Large Mountain Resorts

Track Friends and Family

Stat Tracker

Signal for Help

So what can it do?

The Sensor

The Sensor is activated by simple finger swipes and taps

The Sensor can live on either side of your goggle for a natural, comfortable feel.

Buddy Tracking

Track your Friends and family down the mountain and never lose anyone again

Stat Tracker

Track real time stats like speed, elevation, and jump height.

Alert Signal

In the case of an injury, you can quickly alert friends or family of your location. 

Mobile App

The mobile app allows users to view their riding stats, connect and compete with friends to see who is the king of the mountain.

Process Journal