The North Face Dressing Room Experience

Customer Tested, Customer Approved

The Challenge

How can The North Face retail store turn skeptical shoppers into confident buyers?

The Solution

Create a climate controlled dressing room that will immerse shoppers in different climates around the world, so they can test products and purchase with confidence.

Search Destination around the globe

Explore destinations based on season.

Explore destination temperatures and Wind speeds

Search through recommended items

Let’s take a trip!

Step into the shoes of a North Face customer when they walk into the dressing room. 

The Room

The dressing room is an interactive simulation that takes customers to destinations around the globe, without ever leaving the store. Test products in freezing temperatures, high winds and a variety of other climates to give consumers confidence in their purchase.

“Im traveling to Patagonia, I need a jacket that protects in high winds.”

Jason P.

“Will these boots keep me warm in the snow?”

Katie G.

“How do I know this jacket will keep me warm in 10 degree weather?”

Kevin M.

“I am leaving for school on the east coast and need a jacket that will keep me warm in the snow”

Stacy R.

Process Journal