Tahoe Bound Ride Share App

Ride Share Connect

The Challenge

Trips to Lake Tahoe can get expensive, and it can be difficult to find someone that shares the same passion for the mountains.

The Solution

Create an app that connects bay area winter enthusiast with drivers and passengers for trips to and from, Lake Lake Tahoe, California.

So what can it do?

Search and Post Rides

Check Mountain and Road Conditions

Personalize Your Profile

Stay Connected with other users

Set up Notifications and Alerts

Quickly post rides as a Driver or a Passenger

Interactive date selector and peer to peer messaging system

Connecting people with an affordable, safe ride to their favorite winter destination. 

Just a few of more features!

Your trip isn’t complete without your survival kit!

Road Flares

Quickly toss out a road flare to warn on coming drivers. This plastic reusable flare is perfect for harsh snowy conditions

Tire Chains

Chains are required in all vehicles driving in the snow during the winter.  It is essential to every Tahoe Bound traveler.

Ice Scraper

When spending time in snowy areas your windshield will build up ice and snow. Having an ice scraper will help speed up snow removal.

Process Journal